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Written by on 24 June 2020

Advertising & Sponsorship

Advertise or Sponsor Ramjam Radio that  has been on air since 2002. We broadcast all day and night. In the early 80`s pirate radio took a hold and the birth of diverse music was born. The defiance to playing pop & rock was the reason why . Radio Caroline started the same ethos 4 miles out at sea to escape prosecution to realise the dream of playing popular music. We here at Ramjam Radio have a strong need to play Music of Black Origin (MOBO) . It encompasses Tamla Motown Soul Reggae Soca Jazz & Hip Hop.

It is fair to say that stations like Ramjam Radio is a break from the normal. Stations without a broadcasting license are able to target audiences just by using a traditional radio set and even to this day the digital service due to take over from FM has not been delivered.

Circa 2000 the Internet became available and and after learning that music can be transmitted on the internet an option became available for radio stations to broadcast online. The Radio authorities quickly informed us that a license to broadcast on the Internet was required but at least the financial burden was far less than the fee to broadcast on the traditional airwaves. The internet offers a much wider audience but they are much harder to engage and today it is very hard to have a large audience because they are spoiled for choice because apps allows anyone to broadcast for virtually nothing. The cost does become a barrier if you start to take it seriously as the fees escalate quite high when a good computer structure is expensive to maintain plus electricity and Internet connectivity.

To broadcast on the internet you need a web presence so most invest on having a website. Some will use Facebook but most will have all the social media options and still maintain a website, The early website was relatively easy to have but now the bar is set much higher so a reasonable set of pages  is required so that we are noticed in engine searches, Ramjam Radio has improved its web presence and it is now investing  in constant updating at a steady level. More information and things of interest are being inputted. Our unique selling point is our music output just like all radio stations.

Ramjam Radio is keen to work hand in hand with its listeners and potential customers. Every day people are starting out on their own launching small businesses . Ramjam Radio is keen to work with anyone who would like to work with us . We want to provide affordable advertising options so we can all survive especially in the starting years where building business is precarious. We can offer audio adverts and or  visual links and banners on our website. Sponsoring a show and its replays  can be very powerful because the presenter will continuously say that he/she is sponsored by you and deliver your strap line constantly. Websites these days are now controlled management systems so its now possible to allow pages to be managed by a paying author. An extra link on our pages with your products and running your own page can be a very helpful option. Ramjam Radio is working hard to improve on all fronts, we are aiming to get a room to have a permanent studio and then move on to LPFM broadcasting. Low Powered FM broadcasting is an option still available for community Radio operations with just enough broadcasting power to cover a borough or designated area. A community Radio station with an FM signal makes you a powerful magnet for local businesses because we are broadcasting locally to local users. In this day and age the talk of free delivery or local delivery seals the deal.

We would like you to consider us as your advertising option. An advert works best when the advertiser continues to push his/her product even after the advert is made. Longer term advertising at low costs suggest (slow & steady) giving every opportunity to the advert working and making an impact. Building momentum is the key and thereafter business will then become easier. Ramjam Radio will and has done many outside broadcasts in its time . Exhibitions ,meetings and sports have been broadcast online allowing listeners from all over the world to be part of whatever our customers are trying to achieve. We can pipe dedicated broadcasts into your premises highlighting your products so please make contact to see if we can help each other.

Make contact and discuss with us all our advertising and sponsorship opportunities.


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