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We have been broadcasting on the Internet legally since November 2002 and its suffice to say that we have been around ever since. There was at that time not so many stations online but with technology always updating it has become easy to broadcast online. Ramjam Radio has been kept a middle of the road […]

  Bob Andy  around as long as I can remember in my life. As a school boy “Young Gifted & Black” was a song that played all around me at home & school. We at Spencer Park had an art teacher who wanted to engage with us . She allowed us to bring records to […]

Just a heads up for you vinyl lovers out there of a couple of Pama Intl 7”s back in stock (under 20 of each of these) and our Oct-Dec release details.  I’m very happy to say these are preordering very fast.  The Joe Yorke and Capitol 1212 – Love Will Tear Us Apart are going […]

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