Bunny Wailer Dies Age 73 It seems for as long as reggae music has been around Bunny Wailer had something to do with it. Apart from being the final survivor of The Wailers Bunny was always making music. Radio stations all over the world has been playing his songs since we heard of his demise. […]

Bill Withers Top Soul Singer Dies Aged 81 Courtesy Rolling Stone Magazine Lovely Day 1977, Just the Two Of Us 1981 , Lean On me 1972, Aint No Sunshine 1971 Just 4 of many hits by the late great Bill Withers. He wowed me when I bought my first VHS Video machine and I bought […]

Pamela Hutchinson – Emotions Dies Age 61 Its a sad loss to the music soul music industry to hear that Pamela Hutchinson dies age 61. She was the lead singer and she dies on the 18th September 2020. It`s been said she was battling with health issues for some years but the actual reason is […]

Albert Griffiths – Founder Gladiators Reggae Band Has Died Age 74 Excerpt From The Gleaner Newspaper “Albert stopped touring about 14 years owing to illness and has been at his home in Aberdeen, where he was being cared for very well,” Stephenson said of the vocalist, who recorded blockbuster hit Hello Carol in the late sixties. […]

Jackie Dale Has Passed Away December 2020 has found another of our great singers Jackie Dale has passed away. We do not have very much information on her but we still have to try and remember one of our sisters who we will always hold in very high esteem. Jackie sang a much loved song […]

  Bob Andy  around as long as I can remember in my life. As a school boy “Young Gifted & Black” was a song that played all around me at home & school. We at Spencer Park had an art teacher who wanted to engage with us . She allowed us to bring records to […]

Edna Wright, another big shock to hear of her passing away recently. I bought an album which contained a song I believe was her biggest hit “Woops Here I go” . She was lead singer of the group “The Honey Cone”. Life is just for a short while so please enjoy it. There is no […]

Betty Wright US Soul Singer Dies Aged 66 Clean up Woman, After the Pain, Spend Some Time Together, Smother Me, keep Love New, Share your Love and countless others were songs that I found in record shops & Fairs from the early 80`s . I was resident at Kings on the Rye, Peckham, London on […]

Frederick Nathaniel “Toots” Hibbert, OJ (8 December 1942 – 11 September 2020. The world is shocked as it is learned that the great Toots lead singer of the Maytals has passed away. This has a personal connection to me because my late father adored Toots & the Maytals and I become the owner of my fathers record collection. I […]

Reggae Star Johnny Nash has passed away at the age of 80. As a young man I was inspired by his songs “Hold me tight” & “Cupid”. Of course he had many hits and the albums I own had many more. I had fallen into the idea that he was Jamaican but reading an album […]

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