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Mr Scorcher

Mr. Scorcher has been circulating around the music industry since 1979, to begin with as a reggae DJ with his brother’s music system – Dread Diamond – performing with artists such as Sandra Cross and Horseman, Mafia & Fluxy, to name but a few.

In 1986 Scorcher decided to have a change in his career, and started to play Soul & R’n’B on his brother’s music system. Due to the popular response he was getting, Scorcher was forced into building another music system called The Motivation Roadshow with his younger brother. Just to add a twist to this tale, all the equipment was supplied by no other than our very own Glen T, so you know the sound quality is second to none. Scorcher has available to him a 10K mobile music system, and as a package can offer DJs and various artists to perform PAs for public or private functions. Scorcher has played in a variety of functions such as weddings, birthday parties, boat trips, numerous hotels and a number of public functions with some of London’s top DJs.

In 1998 Scorcher was introduced to a fabulous singer/songwriter called Tasita D’Mour, and ever since has been managing the artist’s career; this has engaged in work with people such as Jocelyn Brown, Jodi Lee, and Timmi Magic from the Dreem Team.

Scorcher’s goals are to be one of the greatest radio presenters by merging good music from anywhere across the globe, promote his artist to stardom and be her tour DJ, and eventually compose and produce his own music. Scorcher is very interested in helping to push urban talent, and always seeks to mix new UK talent into his DJ slots; Scorcher likes to give unknown talent a chance to be heard.

Good music doesn’t necessarily mean soul/reggae/R’n’B – it’s anything that sounds good to the ear, so as well as pushing urban talent all music will be played as long as it fits in with the vibe created for each function.

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