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He started DJing back in 1998 to UK Garage, after seeing DJ EZ live behind the DJ Box at a club off Leicester Sq in the West End. He mainly played live at Kingston University in Surrey where his older brother was a student. And after a few years playing there, he decided to give up DJing and focus more on life. Years flew by, and after missing music and DJing and the crowd, he’s finally decided to give it another shot! A couple of years ago he was inspired to record a DnB MixTape called “Smooth Drum & Bass Grooves”, and after great response and a few Underground Radio guest mixes, he has been making DnB MixTapes and sharing the Soulful, Atmospheric, Liquid Funk, side of Drum & Bass to the guys that love that sound. Now two years of inspiration after that, he’s on “Smooth Drum & Bass Grooves” Part.15 and has fallen for a new different sound he’s never mixed before called…… Drum & Bass! DJC-kay also still mixes his first love, UK Garage and naturally loves House Music too. He’s past “the music” line of no return and will be mixing for years to come!! Slowly getting back into the DJ game, this is DJC-kay!! Check out DJC-kay`s Spotlight page on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/djc-kay

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