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Sunday T – Frankly Speaking

GlenT is the owner, CEO and general manager of Ramjam Radio, as well as one of Ramjam’s treasured DJs. GlenT is also, as our sound technician, responsible for the exceptional sound quality you’ll hear from Ramjam and any other project he’s involved with.

Following a long and varied history – playing music all over the UK running sound systems such as LoveTKO and appearing at clubs, on radio, and playing a big part in the annual Nottinghill Carnival – GlenT has brought his own unique musical vision to life with the birth of Ramjam Radio.

GlenT welcomes people from around the world to join the Ramjam Radio community online – become part of the Ramjam family, and grow with us!

You can hear GlenT live on Ramjam every Sunday from 3 to 5 pm GMT, playing classic soul grooves on his popular Sunday T soul show. He also joins Frankly Speaking in the studio every Thursday evening from 10 pm to 12 midnight GMT.

GlenT loves to hear from listeners, so let him know when you’re tuned in! email him at studio@ramjamradio.com while he’s on-air, or join GlenT and other listeners during his shows in Ramjam’s popular StudioChat. To get to the chat room directly, click

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