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Lewis Hamilton Champion

Lewis Hamilton, I have always loved Formula 1 racing, I have grown up with it and it was the reason why I have a package to watch it on TV. I have adopted drivers through thick and thin through the years win or lose and then came Lewis.

I was attracted immediately because he is black and so am I and the only other black people I saw on the grid are celebrities . Through watching TV I have learned about Lewis, his struggles and his family. I have never visited his web site until now just to see what it looks like but I am going to say why I consider him a top guy in my estimation. I have not missed many races but I have been seriously annoyed when the race is on during my Sunday Radio show. I take crafty looks while on air just to see his name in the race order. Of late Saturday qualifying has become more exciting then the race itself. I wish that it wasn`t Bottas  his team mate that gets pipped at the post most times by Lewis but hey ho thats how it goes. Lewis has endured some close decisions against him through his glittering career but somehow he returns and does what he does best………….WIN !

The race commentators, stewards and pundits all walk the danger line when an incident involving Lewis happens on the track. Webber tickled his back wheel taking Lewis out, it was deemed a racing incident. Lewis was the first driver to get a penalty on the first lap of a race. Nico Rosberg his team mate took Lewis out of the race when he was about to be passed. I see theses incidents as being dubious but everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I am writing this piece because Lewis Hamilton has empowered me to keep going . I make wrong decisions and I am still poor but I am so pleased that Lewis is thriving. There is no question in my mind that Lewis is the best champion of all times and I hope that he does  not only equal all before him but go on to set challenges for those who come after. Lewis has never contrived to win races such as break down to block the track during qualifying or to endanger other drivers by driving dangerously. Driving anger has seen Vettel drive his car into the back of Lewis and get away with it. Stewards wanted to to give two five second penalties and 2 points on his licence which was in every sense harsh, Lewis did break the rules but it was sanctioned by his team. Lewis in my opinion right to question the penalty he received and I was glad that the points on his super licence was rescinded. Every Formula 1 driver claims that they would win if they had Lewis`s car, I believe that its true for a couple of drivers but its also true if Lewis was driving their car instead he would still win races. If this text was written on paper I reckon most would wipe their backsides on it but it wont change what I and many others think about Lewis. he has been an inspiration, he carries himself perfectly and he is an upright citizen, one who I look up to. I hope to see the day when I hear that when the newscaster is saying in the news that Lewis has won again that it wont be with gritted teeth. I am pleased to see people cheer him at the racing tracks, they at least applaud him for his skill and mastery of the race tracks. Toto Wolff & Mercedes have been wonderful. I hope that if Lewis stays in Formula 1 that he makes the right choices as he has always done, on and off the track.

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