In 1970 I found myself playing music. In those days I had a box of records, a 30 watt Northcourt valve amplifier, 2 12 inch speaker boxes and a Collaro record deck. I was able to carry it on buses when I got a job. mostly it was in Rush Hill Road Battersea between Miss Maudie or Big Bens 2 out of 3 shubeens that operated back then. Today the sound is large and powerful,it is up to today’s requirements and most people who knows me will agree LOVE TKO sounds good. We carry year round public liability insurance and it has a current pat test certificate. We have our own transport and we are ready at short notice if you get let down.

We have three main modes of entertainment. When we are booked for weddings ,parties , funerals and presentation cat walk shows we play an all round selection of music. We are often asked for particular types of music so mostly we are happy to cater for you unless its not what we play. It is best to play to your strengths not weaknesses. We will travel anywhere if you want us specifically to be your entertainers.

Our second mode is specific in your face roots revival and dubs with serious bass line, special effects steppers. Nights like these are strictly for the roots lovers who has come to absorb intoxicating rockers.

Our third option is for lovers of revival & hard to find reggae tunes. Music collectors revel in listening to vinyl they have never heard before or have not heard in a long time. Nights like these are not for people seeking dance hall or ragga music.

We have Glen the main man but Lorraine & Beres have the knowledge of younger music which allows our sound to cater for a wide variety of music supporters .

Our rates are competitive and we are reliable. Please consider what you want us to do for you and we can then give you a quote.

LOVE TKO had the pleasure of being the first sound system to actually play reggae music in front of 10 Downing Street. The lead up to the day was exciting and when we got through the security procedures it was nice to be greeted by some of the staff. The cat was taking time off from mousing duties and allowed itself to be stroked. It seemed just like a moment as the time flew by but I will never forget.



is on the film set of Sky One`s Bulletproof 2 with Stars, Ashley Walters & Noel Clarke. A fight scene in a night Club required a high powered high quality sound system and microphone mix for the shoot. We spent the whole day having a ball playing the sound when the director said “ACTION”. We ate and sat with the stars & extras in between shoots. The sound crew namely Gianfranco new that I was the right guy and I cannot thank him enough for the wonderful experience my crew & I had on the set.

Glen T with Ashley Walters

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