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New Music Video – Tommy Ge – iChocolate – Kings

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HIT HIT HIT – NEW SPOTIFY STREAMING EDIT – FUTURE R&B POP – MP3-WAV – Get on this ladies and gentlemen. Listening to the song and feeling it sounds like a huge slow-burning international hit similar to that minor one “Despacito” 🙂 As the summer fully takes over the season it’s all about the love of ‘chocolate’, particularly Tomy Ge’s love interest going by the name of ichocolate. Out now on HDM Records with a big big recommendation from Kings.

Tomy Ge – iChocolate (Spotify-Apple Music Edit – 7A – 90 Future RnB-Pop

Tomy Ge – iChocolate – 7A – 90 Future RnB-Pop.mp3

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