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Written by on 13/10/2020

We have been broadcasting on the Internet legally since November 2002 and its suffice to say that we have been around ever since. There was at that time not so many stations online but with technology always updating it has become easy to broadcast online. Ramjam Radio has been kept a middle of the road path in our style, embracing new music & ideas while still staying traditional in its style. Nowadays there millions of music channels that in some ways its harder to pick and choose who you want to listen to and when.

We now face a common enemy in Covid 19 a no matter an individuals views might be , its here for at least a while to come. We are now forced to stay at home more and what with smart devices being so portable there are more listeners than ever seeking entertainment and because of that we want to offer more by recruiting some more volunteers.

We have devised a way to allow anyone from anywhere in the world to present a show. This option is available to anyone who has a reliable internet connection, a reliable computer with some broadcast software, microphone , headphones and a music library (thats if you are presenting music). If you are willing to do a show it is fine with us whet time you choose and how frequently you do a show but you must commit. We know things happen and we will always allow for mishaps and even up to an hours warning can make all the difference.

Ramjam Radio presents Black Music and that stretches from Jazz, Motown, Soul, RnB & Reggae with all denominations in between so you can accept that we are not seeking for presenters playing Rock or Pop music. Country & Western might have a place based on the style the presenter chooses. Worry not, your colour , gender or accent does not matter while you can be understood when speaking English. We are also appealing to music from the Africa`s, please teach us you are most welcome to spend some time with us.

If you are interested we will provide you with the bits you will need to connect to us to broadcast “LIVE” or if you prefer you can record a show and send us the link for us to access it  ready for broadcasting in your show`s air time. For this situation is is best if you email us, by doing so we have the link to be able to send you information and software, jingles and adverts to add to your show, and please dont worry we wont share any of your details to anyone else outside of Ramjam Radio.

Please contact us by email: feel free to ask any questions but be reminded that we prefer that you are not on any other stations and if you are tell us right away to avoid any problems.

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