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Marc“After witnessing the murder of George Floyd by the police, hearing about the brutal murder of Breonna Taylor (Also by the Police) and countless other heinous acts that have been committed against the marginalized black and brown people in this place we call HOME. I was left with so much swirling around in my head and heart. With racism rearing its ugly head yet again, the effects of COVID19 on the world and the unemployment rates skyrocketing, it seems depression, death and despair was lurking in every corner of my mind.


I tried really hard to come up with ways that I could do my part and show up for my myself, my people and for the world and after some deep searching within I made a decision that the best way for me to contribute to what’s going on right now in the world is to reflect and document it through my art.


So, I ordered production and recording equipment, set up my home recording studio and worked diligently through lockdown. I learned some new things about production, wrote some of the best songs I’ve ever written, and tapped into an intimacy with my music that I don’t think I ever have before.” ~ Mark Ferg




NYC based artist Mark Ferg has an amazing way of melding completely different worlds all while keeping the experience palatable for the listener. With a passion for style, art and collaboration radiating from his soul, he applies that energy when creating his music, by mixing and matching dissimilar styles that in turn produces a different yet familiar experience for the consumer.


One of Mark Ferg’s biggest strengths is his ability to exist in different spaces: “I’ve always been considered a little weird growing up which often led me to feeling like I didn’t belong.  I was a little too hood for the art class and a little too artsy for the hood… but I learned to flip that narrative on its head and use it to my advantage”

Mark Ferg comes from a musical family and at an early age he was exposed to many different types of sounds. Mark Ferg draws musical influence from a wide range of different artists, ATCQ, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Andre 3000, Nirvana, D’angelo and J Dilla to name a few.


Fans familiar with Mark Ferg remember that he has been a featured spotlight artist on ESPN’s First Take, and had his music on VH1’s “Black Ink Crew.” In 2017 He released his first full length project “If You Say So” and then in 2018 he followed up with a project called “No Disclaimers”. Now in 2020 he has been working diligently to bring the world a new project that reflects the current state of society entitled “Planet Earth Is A Ghetto… But I Still Love You”.


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