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The Reggae Vibez Show

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Sunday after noon 1pm UK time is Reggae time with DJ Waine Steppas Bradford

Waine Steppas Bradford

Waine Steppas Bradford PictureMeet Waine Steppas Bradford our latest edition to the Ramjam Radio family. One show under his belt and he is ready for more so check him out this Sunday @ 1pm UK time. His first show was shared with the passing to Zion of the late great Daddy U Roy. Failing any further tragedy to black royalty his next show this coming Sunday will be action packed with Reggae & Dancehall & Revival Music.

Over the next week or two you will get to find out more about our new guy on the block so come back soon.

DJ Steppas has been playing music for over 36 years from the tender age of 6, when his father used to sort various vinyl records for him to play on a Sunday morning. Growing up in a Jamaican household, in Willesden NW10 the music used to be 90% reggae but also rhythm and blues with great icons like Sam Cooke, Otis Redding amongst others.

Then in 1984 the family migrated to Jamaica.

As the years past Steppas started to build up his personal vinyl collection with his first two 45s being Dignitary Stylish’s Jah Send Mi Come and Peter Metro’s No Problem, then his on going love affair with Reggae music and other genres began, which resulted in whatever pocket money he earned went straight to purchasing the latest vinyl  releases on a Friday. In later years as a teenager he got involved with a local Sound System called Hot Gossip and was taught by the legendary selector Ishie how to ‘mix and blend’ two tracks together….and the rest is history

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