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Midnight Sessions

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Saturday midnight UK time for people who wants a taste of real music.

LOVE TKO SOUND PICTURE Microphone TLOVE TKO SOUND SYSTEM is still on the road playing music for Clubs venues Parties & All dayers. The pandemic has curtailed any sound system from operating under normal circumstances but due to Ramjam Radio doing normal streaming a studio was set up so audiences can be entertained on line.

LOVE TKO played Notting Hill Carnival as normal for 14 hours over the 2 days in 2020 and its hoped we will return to normal in 2021. We have been doing 3 hour sessions on Saturdays  from midnight UK time for a while to create an ambience with new & old listeners. Sound systems will be eager to get on the road again as our opportunities allows us to get bookings and the chance to return to normal. We hope to still continue our online presence at every opportunity realising that our listeners may not be able to travel to see & hear us in action. We believe everyone who follows us are special

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Worked on many radio Stations before creating Ramjam Radio in 2002. The love for music still lives on

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