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It started by accident in 1974. I was in the right place at the right time. The place was Dover, Kent, England.  I was in H M Forces. Our resident DJ was being asked for some new reggae and soul tunes. Of course he didn’t have any. My mate said I had some new music, and volunteered me to bring some and spin a few. The night went well.  My friends started to go to other clubs and this lead to us getting what they called the “quiet night” for a little reggae to be played. I played in clubs throughout Folkestone, England.


I was posted to Hong Kong in 1978. This was great fun. A group of us got together and had house parties. I went on to play in a club called “The China Fleet Club”, spinning a wide range of music but always ending up playing reggae & soul. Glen T played a big part by sending me music. Sometimes I ordered from shops in England. On my return to the UK, I played in a few places Hounslow, London.


On leaving HM forces I joined Glen T and we have played music all over the UK, (Glen can tell you more about this).  The sound system was called the “Mighty Challenger”. We discovered that another sound started to use the same name, so we changed ours to “LOVE TKO” (Yes you’re right a Teddy Pendergrass tune)

In 1992 I moved from London to Reading, approximately forty miles from London, I didn’t start playing music straight away, but once you have the bug you just can’t leave it alone.

I started a sound system called Family Connection Road Show, which has grown in popularity over the last ten years with a reputation of playing all types of music.

We regularly play for all the local Caribbean Associations and taken part in Reading Community Carnival for a number of years.


Then after a number of years I moved away to Wellingborough where I am right now doing my show on Ramjam radio from my house. I currently play out at dances with other sound or I still join up with my old sounds because I didn’t leave with any bad blood.

I was a presenter for a number of radio stations who applied for a high profile local radio license. Sadly the winning station didn’t play reggae or soca. When Glen called me, I was only too glad to have a show on the station.


I love playing black music (old & new). This is reflected in Mix & Blend every Saturday from 12pm to 3.00pm GMT. Why join me or you can send me an email



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Master K presents the Mix n Blend Show on Saturdays usually at Midday UK time. His alternative time is 9pm Saturday due to work committments

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Worked on many radio Stations before creating Ramjam Radio in 2002. The love for music still lives on

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