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LOVE TKO – Music Policy

Sound systems came to the UK almost as soon as our forefathers arrived. We would have parties in each others homes due to the non availability of halls to us.I was born in the mid 50s and I can tell you about the house party and its has never left my mind. My whole entire life has been married to music through sound system and that wont ever change. In the so called early days owning and playing a sound system was expensive but the rewards of playing out gladdened your heart as you see people having a good time. The reason for this piece is to align you with how LOVE TKO presents its music policy in 2019. Having a sound system and getting work for it is a minefield, you win or lose a job on what music you play. Nowadays its common to have a large line up of DJs playing music on the bill. Largely its the requirement from a promoter so that he can guarantee that the paying public is entertained by their favourite DJ.
LOVE TKO started in the era of one sound with the DJ playing it entertained all night, there might have been a couple of selectors in the sound but it was one sound for the night. That allowed the sound system to build through the night to play a wide selection of music even if it was only one genre. The early days also had parents and kids in the same hall, the kids often played outside or ran through the legs of mummy and daddy doing their thing on the dance floor but now thats not the case unless its a wedding, birthday or funeral.
In recent times sound systems cut down on the equipment as the authorities tightened the hold on sound system ownership. Insurance,excise licence, vehicle size, parking, storage and noise levels forced many owners into downsizing or even close down. Vinyl was pressurised into almost non existence giving way to CD and MP3 recordings.
You would now go out to a dj(s) gig with them using speakers on a stick and a laptop, this was in the hope the dj could carry all that’s needed in a midsize car and its still the norm in 2019.

I own speakers on a stick and a laptop because it suited me, it allowed me to be booked for less money especially when I was heading the bill. Night clubs and venues rarely cater for vinyl and its seems to me that very little money or emphasis is placed on having good quality sound equipment which frustrates people like me when I am trying to impress my public.



Surespirit-On Fire

Thankfully I did not pack up my sound or sell the important stuff such as pre -amp ,records and high end speakers although I did sell my bass bins . since then my back yard turned into a workshop and I have rebuilt another specification bass bin formula and I am ready again for action.
I head the system and I am currently the selector when a sound clash or sound check playing against other sound systems. The music policy is roots revival and a selection of dub plates and rare vocals. We are focused on playing with power and producing deep clean bass for those who love the vibrations that sound systems are built to produce. We make no apology for doing this and most sound systems are not open to requests because the emphasis is on you following the sound system you like music and all.
The difference is wider when we are booked as an entertainment system when its a wedding , birthday or funeral where we are expected to play music for everyone in the venue. You are faced with older people who wont leave their chairs down to kids who want to do nothing more than shine their best clothes on the venue floor in the form of play. As a sound system owner we do play everything from soul to reggae ,soca and the sub genres in between. It is often a tricky time for DJ`s because you have to balance what you play with who is in front of you and what the customer hired your for. There are other members on the system that plays music genres with more comfort than I and they are there ready to do that. Garage ,House , drum n bass, ragga rare grooves & soca allows us to be a good balance when we are booked to entertain your attendance.
Further we have the structure of being able to provide for PA`s staging and and outdoor events including generators and mixing equipment. We can be a full package saving you time and money and more surprisingly we have our own ulez covered van so no problem in last minute bookings or van hires.

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