Virtuous Women – UK

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Virtuous Women – UK

Virtuous Women - UKVirtuous Women UK came together on the 28th of June 2020.  Born out of the Covid 19 pandemic to present a zoom event called “The Virtuous Women” which showcased a group of talented UK female artists performing a song or delivering some spoken words. The idea for the Virtuous Women event was initiated by Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell, who was trying not to succumb to her fears of the unknown and all the theories that were and are still floating around. She pondered on what could be done to uplift people’s spirits with music being her antidepressant to life.
As well as lifting spirits, Virtuous Women UK’s aim is also to reach out to those who are housebound, hospitalised or disabled and those who enjoyed going out back in the day so they can watch and enjoy seeing their favourite artists and DJ’s up close and personal in the comfort of their locations

Winsome discussed the idea with her partner in crime Frederica Tibbs, and they contacted some of the UK’s finest to participate. An enjoyable night was had by all. Winsome and Freddie were assisted by some kindred spirits and genuine Irie siStars who have been loyal friends over the years – Susan, Maureen, Sai, Theresa and Veronica and that was the beginning of the Virtuous Women UK.

On the night, Elder Enid from Ruach Ministries in Brixton was invited to open the event with prayer, and to deliver a message of encouragement for individuals to keep motivated in these unprecedented times, stay encouraged and to keep the faith.

On the 23rd August, the Virtuous Women UK put on their 2nd event via Zoom. The male version, which was entitled, Victorious Men of Valour, which attracted over 2500 viewers via Zoom and Facebook live stream. We had artists performing internationally from Jamaica and France along with a host of the UK’s finest. The event was opened by a great singer and Pastor delivering a word of encouragement. This was also well received.

On September 13th, The Virtuous Women UK went on to present their 3rd event, The Majestic Maestros of Music which included 16 well known UK DJ’s who each played a variety of music designed to inspire, uplift and take us down memory lane. The music consisted of all the varying genres Reggae, R&B, Soca, Rare Grooves, RnB, slow jams, Gospel, Afro beats, and Neo Soul. This was an exceptional night and had the audience rocking the night away and raving in the safety of their own homes. We have received phenomenal feedback about this 6 and a half hour event.

Virtuous Women - UK

Our next event took place in October where we celebrated our very own Virtuous Woman, and songstress, Frederica Tibbs’s 40th year in the Music Industry. This was epic for one of the UK’s leading queens in the reggae fraternity who is also well known for her phenomenal backing vocals.

The 8th November we started our “Locked In With….” events which feature a guest being interviewed, performing live and accompanied by their choice of special guest and personally selected DJ. Our first guest was Ricardo Mckenzie aka Ricky Ranking the second artist was “Locked In With… David Papa Crook” on the 6th December.

On the 13th December we hosted Harmonious Kings and Queens with Voices, an outstanding event with performances from some of the UK’s finest male and female artists.

On the 1st January 2021 we hosted The Majestic Maestro’s of Music part 2 which consisted of 16 well known DJ’s who bought in New Year Day with a bang, starting at 5.00 p.m.,  it was suppose to end at 9.00 p.m. but was actually closed by us at 2.00 a.m with our audience still asking us not to end. This demonstrated that there was a need to see some form on entertainment happening in these unsettling times.

Up and coming future events

• Locked in with Jay Jay Born2Sing on the 7th February 2021

• Locked in with…. Deneez Peters on the 14th March
• Talk Talk Talk with the Virtuous Women 21st March from 3.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. A face book live event where by we will be discussing a range of topics suggested by our audience e.g. Cyber bullying, DV, Is it okay to date someone the age of your daughter or son or even younger. We hope to look at a variety of issues some serious and some humorous
• Majestic Maestros of Music part 3 Easter Sunday 4th April
• Gospel Extravaganza 9th May
• Virtuous Women UK Anniversary Celebration zoom 19th June
• Locked in with Don-E TBC in July
• Locked in with Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell

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ALL of our events are funded solely by the #virtuouswomenUK and are not for profit.

We thank and appreciate all of the Artistes and DJ’s who have so far kindly volunteered their time and shared their talents on our events, past, present and future.

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