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Volunteers who can add to Ramjam Radio

Written by on 26 June 2020

Ramjam Radio has been broadcasting on the Internet since 2002. Internet radio is now very commonplace and anyone can do it. The internet allows you to seem bigger than you actually are. For many they actually have a dabble by sticking around for a while until the novelty wears off. Ramjam Radio has been consistent by staying on air all this time because we believe in what we provide as a service. Today’s entertainment is much more varied because you can get shows from many sources. We prefer having DJ`s and we turn to replays and archives mostly which gives our listeners the bonus of listening at a time they choose.


It does not matter where you are in the world while you have good internet and the equipment that most DJ`s have you could be presenting a show . Worry not if you have never done it before, we would still love to have you. As you get used to it you will become very fluent in radio presenting quite quickly.  There are some things you will need to observe but nothing you cant agree to so please use our contact page to get in touch. You may not want to play music, maybe you want to do a magazine program, well thats okay too……just ask


We have just started using a new template and it has been challenging to say the least. It may now be functional but someone who really understands WordPress sites would be a bonus. We prefer an enthusiast as opposed to an independent builder, would you join us?


Promotional Work

Getting our name out there, promoting customer goods and business through outside broadcasting. We have some great DJ`s in our station that knows how to make a gig kick. Find the place, we will be there.

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