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West Norwood Feast – July 2020

Written by on 16 June 2020

Feast Broadcast Special In July

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So here we are, heading towards our 4th FEAST Sunday of the year 2020 but we are unable to be together. Our opportunity to enjoy a warm mid year festival breathing fresh air and enjoying our social gathering. West Norwood in South East London dominates all open spaces and it`s high street on the first Sunday of the month from April to December. Herein this special area are loads of stalls set up to wow you into things you want to know more about. Foods, Ales, Wines  & Merchandise makes you want to find out more and the stallholders are very keen to tell you. There are five sites thats boasts over a hundred stalls all with good quality gazebos. Seeing them set out provides a kaleidoscope of colours which adds perfectly to the day. There is plenty of room if you want to apply to be a stall holder so please dont hesitate to make contact.

As morning breaks the stalls are being erected and the stalls holders gets to work. A wonderful entourage of volunteers are there ready to help and provide support for the festival to start on time. In some areas there are some child friendly areas for children to play on safe toys which are supervised not only by the parent(s) but our dedicated staff always at hand. Vehicle traffic is at a minimum with only the high street still open but side streets are closed off allowing everyone to move around in relative safety. The high streets with food and beverages are open to add to the stalls that are offering something just a little bit different than what the chains have to offer so this is your chance to make comparisons.
St Lukes Church Landmark of West Norwood SE27St Marks Church the standout landmark of West Norwood shows off it`s clock for miles around and at the bottom of its steps reveals a mass of stalls serving the public with things to buy and eat. Also at the bottom of the Church is the page turner, the addition to the day, the smile maker. Gifted musicians playing music to make your day complete. Many a time I have observed plates of food being eaten and the tapping of toes at the same time .

The music does not end there, in fact there is music for everyone in all of the 5 areas. apart from talented musicians there is also electronic music provided by disc jockeys who love nothing more than to volunteer themselves to set up and entertain form 11am to 4pm . LOVE TKO Sound System currently occupies the space on the green outside of West Norwood Leisure Centre playing mostly oldies reggae and roots but there is also a large portion of Soul, Motown and popular music to provide a balance for all to enjoy.

On that same green is a large play area for the children to roll around on the grass playing on bouncing balls, Pogo sticks, puzzles and games and also face painting. All this with the music providing a little bit of punch to add to the fun. The FEAST organisers are working hard on trying to engage everyone without exception, all of our areas are wheelchair friendly and we do have trained first aid staff should you get into any difficulty.

Most of us do fancy ourselves as budding musicians and singers and in private we practice hard on our favourite tune thats is going to make you famous. Alas some of us wont ever be found in public performing that song, we will just continue to drive our families crazy while we practice in the bathroom, however some of us do actually fancy our chances in public and that opportunity can be realised. Only you know if you are good enough and if you think you are you could get your chance to perform at Feast West Norwood. You are aware at this time that we are unable to be gathered together but there is still a great opportunity to be online with a local radio station who happens to own the sound system LOVE TKO who is the disc jockey that plays at West Norwood Leisure Centre. April`s 5 hour broadcast was well received and its hoped that more of you will log in at some time during our next FEAST BROADCAST on Sunday 5th July starting @ 11am. April`s broadcast had Glen T the presenter asking those who were listening if anyone would like to add to the show. There was options of using our Skype service  so through that app you can speak “live on air” so by doing so you could have made live dedications to friends who are listening or site poetry or sing or tell jokes. We were sent emails requesting songs and in the end Glen sang 2 songs karaoke . Glen offered that challenge but all were “scaredy cats”. All those options again are available for May`s broadcast so now is the time to get practising, we want to hear from you.

Our local shops are transforming West Norwood making the area a hub of entertainment even when FEAST is not on show. Apart from the supermarkets many eateries and bars have opened, the return of KFC and the new Costa Coffee shop has added to the high street. West Norwood is well linked by public transport from all the neighbouring boroughs so please try and make the effort to come and see us when we are back in our stride again, we will be glad to see you so dont be a stranger.

To recap Ramjam Radio will be on air from 11:00 – 16:00 on Sunday 5th July 2020. The broadcast is online only. There are 2 streams one being a video stream so you can watch Glen T in action in his studio. You can contact him via Skype for “LIVE CHAT” or by email or chat room connected to the video stream. You are all invited to input on the show so please feel free to make contact, everyone is welcome.




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